Basic WordPress Security

Basic WordPress Security

Basic WordPress Security

I think most WordPress users from beginners to experts agree.  It’s tough keeping your WordPress site secure.  I’ve installed a few WordPress sites and it seems always someone is trying to brute force attack my sites.  There are a few simple things to do to help with this.

  1. Use a security plugin for WordPress.  I use WP All In One security but there are others.  These plugins definitely help make you aware of what can happen when you install WordPress with the defaults.
  2. Never use Admin as an account.  Most people that try to access WordPress sites first use this account to try to break into WordPress sites.  Create a second Admin account before you post anything and then log into that one.  Delete the Admin account right away and that should help reduce the chances of having someone get in.  Also, make sure the display name is not the same as your user account.  It’s also a good idea to have an account that can create content with no admin rights.
  3. Use a security tool to update the .htaccess file.  This helps block traffic from unwanted parts of the Internet.  When you do this, it will help by not letting unwanted users from accessing your site.

These are just some tips that help make you WordPress site more secure.

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