Polar PWD Check for iOS

Polar PWD Check

Polar PWD Check has been released for iOS 9.1.  This is a nice, simple app to help people check their existing passwords or create new ones based on the settings.

The light version does not allow changing the settings and has ads;  the paid version gives you the flexibility to change how many characters and the type needed to create a password. Simulator Screen Shot Nov 6, 2015, 12.07.04 PM

The above screen is the create password screen – this created a random 8 character one.

Simulator Screen Shot Nov 6, 2015, 12.22.04 PM

This is the password checking functionality.  It used the above password and it will tell you if it is strong or not.

Simple copy the password and paste it into any app where a password is needed.


To find Polar PWD Check (unpaid), go here.


To find Polar PWD Check Pro, go here.