Chevy Volt Review

Chevy Volt Review

Chevy Volt

I thought it might be nice to talk about a piece of tech I bought back in March.  I purchased a 2017 Chevy Volt.  My initial thoughts were that I would only be driving on electric about 50% of the time.  After 10,000 miles I have driven about 73% of the time on electric.

There was only one minor hiccup all this time – the oxygen sensor blew very early on.  And so far, only one recall on the gas cap and a software update to run Android Auto.

Charging is not bad on 110 V, but like others, I gave in and installed a 240 V plug in my garage to charge faster.  It is nice to be able to charge in 4.5 hours and basically do this overnight.

The total range was lower than what was advertised but with a 9 gallon tank and the ability to hold the electric until you almost run out of gas is great.

The handling is not what I am used to, but for the flexibility of having a hatchback and gas/electric for longer trips makes this my favorite car that I have owned so far.



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