Project Radium: Preventing Sexual Assault in Youth

Project Radium:  Sexual Assault Prevention in College Aged Youth

Polar Tech Ed and Consulting LLC was founded in 2013 with a focus on health information technology (HIT) and mobile health technologies (mHealth).  The company’s principal has 30 years’ IT experience.  He also has a Master’s in Public Health from the University of Southern California in Health Education and Promotion. We have the tools and technology to effectively create, implement and evaluate sexual assault prevention program.

Sexual assault is underreported in the college age population (18-24).  Most of these assaults are not reported to authorities.  Our solution is to create a consent app that registers consent between individuals.  Creating an app that registers consent will not be a cure all.  But can help in situations where individuals are vulnerable and are not sure if consent has been given.  Too often, sexual assault comes down to one person’s word against another.  This app will try to help these situations by clarifying whether consent has been given.

The company’s founder is passionate about creating a sexual assault prevention program and app and to make it easier and safer to have intimate encounters anonymously and safely.  This app will use NFC and other technologies to give consent between partners and emergency tools if situations become unsafe and there is a need to get help.  And if, unfortunately, someone is assaulted, the app will provide local resources immediately to the user to get the help they need.